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About Us

Upvone “Digital Business Network” is basically designed for businessmen and professionals. This is not a common business link; it provides complete business solutions to excel in the market. Search Engine Optimization based business portal helps you to receive and deliver business orders. It provides you a chance to introduce yourself to a new market in Digital Business Network. We are committed to give first priority to the buyers enlisted first. is a unique business portal for corporate sector and small enterprises.  Modern age is no doubt an era of information technology. According to modern marketing strategy every established business needs to maintain some online link and website. gives you a golden opportunity to be a part of Digital Business Network. After registration your Upvone account will provide you complete alternative solutions to fulfill professional, promotional and IT needs.

After becoming a part of this Digital Business Network you are accessible from any part of the world. It’s far easy and quicker to order the articles online to maintain the stock.  You can take orders and arrange the delivery of your goods as well. Upvone is indeed a strong business tool.

We give you a complete control of your web page. Upvone serves as a directory as well. We facilitate you in many ways. This web link will be very useful to promote your business. It can help you to build your corporate image as per your personal intentions. You can find many resources through this link. Your business portal will help you to develop any purpose of your choice.

Scope of Upvone Business Account

You need not to spend a large amount for maintenance of your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the handling of social media links. This platform enables you to upload your company logo, basic profile, location map, opening and closing times, Wall and post Business Statuses. You can share your news, updates, images & videos. It provides you a self-managed wall, on sale products & services, booking calendar, appointments, contact information, picture gallery, queries, rating, discount offers & Job vacancies etc. Business owners can establish their own frontend profile. Customers can like & comment on business owners statuses for direct interactivity between businessmen & clients.

Booking is a powerful feature in Upvone, where each listed owner can have his own calendar for all of his Listings, setting time spans, appointments spaces, custom fields and products linking for customers to pay and much more. Appointments requests can be accepted or rejected from owner Dashboard. Customers can also view their upcoming booking appointments from their User Dashboard.